So the World is Going to End in 12 Years?

For centuries people have predicted the world is ending soon – religious and non-religious alike. They have a myriad of reasons for their predictions. And by the way, they’ve all been wrong. I suppose if you predict it enough times, eventually someone will accidently end up right.

This time it is the climate doom group. Evidently, the world is going to end in something like 12 years (granted, they’ve hedged their bets by saying, “if we don’t implement drastic changes.”)

The actions of man will not determine or even affect the end of the world. Multiple places in the Bible God has said that no one knows the time which the end will be. 

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  Matthew 24:35-36

Scientists are not unanimous about climate change. That is simply a lie.

But if you listen to certain politicians and activists, they evidently have some inside scoop. We’ve heard from multiple political figures lately that the world is going to end in something like 12 years. The cause? Man-made climate change.

We hear that scientists are unanimous in the prediction that the world will come to and end or be unlivable in short time due to man-made climate change. Another version says 97% of scientists agree. These are absolute lies. The truth? When asked in a survey 97% of scientists agreed that the climate changes and that man can have some effect on the climate. Guess what? No one disagrees with that. Christians, both those that are scientists and those that are not, agree that man should be good stewards of the world that God has given us. 

The wicked, the secularist, the humanist deny God’s sovereignty over this world because they reject God altogether. Man will not decide or even know when the world will end. God has established the times and the seasons, including the end of this world; it will be so. The world will end when Jesus returns for His church and that day, the day of the Lord, is determined by God. It is not for us to know or even be anxious about. 

It is the height of hubris by the wicked to think man is the determining factor. The wicked delight in elevating themselves to the height of gods. But they will be cast down in their arrogance.

Don’t listen to the lies of such people. Reject these lies and hear and believe the truth of God.

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