Why Gather for Worship

All over the world Christians gather for worship on Sunday. There are lots of different ways we express our worship. Is this gathering a big deal? Is it important? Are Christians told to gather together by the Lord?

Why Sunday, isn’t Saturday the Sabbath? Christians gather on Sunday because it is the Lord’s Day. We do so to commemorate His resurrection. The resurrection is the keystone to Christianity and should not be taken lightly but rather commemorated and celebrated – together.

Is it required we get together for worship? Paul tells us not to forsake gathering together like some are in the habit of doing. He gives us instruction on how we should conduct ourselves when we do gather together for worship.

Jesus died for the church, the entire Body. the body is supposed to work together. Believers are never told to isolate themselves from one another but rather to work together as one Body.

I heard a story years ago about a preacher that went to visit a man that had stopped being a part of the gatherings of the church. The preacher entered the man’s home and sat down by the fire with him. He told the man they missed had missed in their getting gatherings and wished he would return. The elderly man told the preacher he didn’t see much need in it. As they sat by the fire the preacher grabbed the tongs and used them to pluck a cola from the fire. He sat the hot coal on the hearth. As they sat there together looking at the coal it gradually cooled until it was noting more than ash, with no fire in it at all. The preacher had made his point and needed say no more. Removed from the fire the coal became nothing more than ash with no fire or heat. Like us, the coal found its fire and heat by being a part of the larger fire.

Worship together provides for our health as Christians. It provides benefits that are unavailable to us individually. We are to build each other up while we are together. We are to be instructed in the Word together. We are to pray together. We are to show acts of love together. Jesus died for the whole body and the body as a whole. The body works together, not separately.

We are fooling ourselves when we think we can do this alone; when we stay at home we rob ourselves and our fellow believers of the blessings of God


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