Concrete, Steel and the Solid Rock

A poem by Allen Hayden

Here I sit surrounded by concrete and steel

Nothing can measure the loneliness I feel

I feel hopeless and want give up all

but then I remember my Bible and mothers prayers

So I decide to give Jesus a call

I have one last chance at freedom

Not in the world, but in my soul

So I pray to the man they call Jesus

And start seeing the miracles unfold

Now I know my life will never be the same

I accepted the Savior, Jesus was his name

I know now I have been bought with a price

God sacrificed his only son, Jesus Christ

I take my faith with me as I go on my way

I know  there will be struggles everyday

I pray people learn of God’s goodness

And how easy it is to accept Jesus in their life

How he forgive their sins only,

If they repent and let the savior in




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