Some Thoughts on Forgiveness – Part 1

A blog by Don McGlothin

Mankind must make up standards to help us fathom the complexity of this world. Twelve inches is a foot sixteen ounces is a pound and so on. There is good and there is evil…one being the opposite of the other. Now to be that extreme in our understanding or application would result only in chaos, so things can’t be just black and white. We need gray…I get that. I wonder though if we have sought to destroy both black and white altogether or if we only see gray until black or white meet our personal need.

Suppose a stranger harmed you child? This person is evil; you are certain, after all, they did something where good was absent…an evil thing. Now suppose a child you truly loved did the same evil thing to your child. By all counts the stranger is an evil person that harmed your child.  On the other hand, the one you loved has also betrayed your trust, and discarded your love for them to better their gratification. The evil stranger may not have done any of these things. Has the evil act changed? No. But the measurement will. Is the child you love an evil person as well?

Healing must take place. Not just for the child, but for you, and the person who committed the evil act. It will be very hard indeed. The child must know what happened, how they were involved, and must know about forgiveness. Healing can only take place when forgiveness is present and practiced.

Stay tuned for Part 2

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