Resist or Relinquish

Chris was feeling pretty good.  Here he was, on his way to look at the house of his dreams.  It was one of a kind; as if it had been made just for him. If things went well it would be his. He knew there would be others there to look at the house as well and only one of them would get it. Chris’s anticipation had grown daily as the appointment approached.

He had an hour to get there. “Shouldn’t be a problem”, he thought.  After all, he had a personal guide to take him. Jesus was riding in the passenger seat and giving directions.  He lived in the neighborhood where the house was located.  Jesus had offered to drive but Chris insisted he drive instead.  So Jesus climbed into the passenger seat and gave directions.

Things were going smooth as they drove through the city.  Jesus told Chris to turn left at the light and he did. About one hundred feet later there was a small alley, barely visible, on the right and Jesus told Chris to turn into the alley.  Chris looked at the alley.  It was small and dark. He wasn’t even certain his car would fit. “Who knows what is down there?” thought Chris.  He told Jesus, “I’m going to go on up to the light and turn right.  It’s only another hundred feet.” He drove right on past the alley and turned right at the light, just as he had said.

Within a few seconds of making the turn Chris knew he was in trouble. There was construction on the road and traffic was at a complete stop.  A couple hundred feet ahead there was a detour sign going off to the left, but with the traffic not moving it may as well have been miles ahead.  On top of that, who knew where the detour went?  There was no room to turn around so Chris was stuck.

Two hours later Chris had finally made it to the detour where he could turn left but he had long ago come to the realization that this turn was taking him even further away form the small alley that Jesus had told him to turn down and he had resisted. The decision to turn at the next light and onto the street was just a guess in the first place.  He had been afraid of the alley and followed his gut in hopes the street would be a better alternative. Now he was forced to make another turn with no knowledge of where it went.

Chris found himself already hours late for his appointment and with no idea where he was now headed.  He could see the house of his dreams slipping away.  Surely he had no chance of getting it now. Chris had long ago come to accept that he should have trusted Jesus and gone down the alley.

“You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised. You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit!”   Acts 7:51

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