What Does Nature Say About the Creator?

Romans Chapter 1, verses 18 through 20

What does nature tell us about the Creator?  Lets consider the following list (you might be able to come up with others to add to the list):

·         Order

·         Beauty and creativity

·         Power

·         Life-giving and reproducing

It is truly amazing how nature works together to strike balance.  Take for example, humans and animals breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Plants use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.  Wow, that works out pretty conveniently, doesn’t it?  There is a balance created by the existence of herbivores and carnivores in the animal kingdom.  Too many herbivores would deplete the land of foliage.  Too many carnivores would lead to overgrowth.  In the movie, “Lion King”, the young cub is taught about the ‘circle of life’.  Some animals eat other animals.  Other animals eat the grasses of the field.  When the animals die they then provide nutrient for the grasses of the field to grow.  A striking illustration of the balance and order we see in creation.  

Take a drive through the central and northeastern U.S. during the fall and tell me if you don’t see beauty and creativity in the world around you.  Look into the Grand Canyon.  Sail up to the Cliffs of Dover along the British Coastline.  Ski the Swiss Alps.  Visit the rain forest of Peru or Brazil.  What do you see?  You see the immense beauty and creativity of God in His creation.  The diversity of the corners of earth alone, speak to us regarding how creative God is.  Some summer night look up into a star filled sky and tell me if you don’t see the creative genius and beauty that is in the mind of God.

I remember sitting in my dorm room my freshman year of college as a spring storm rolled in.  I sat and watched out the window as the dark clouds filled the sky and the wind grew in intensity.  Yes, I probably should have been studying instead.  But I was simply mesmerized and in awe at the exhibition of power I was witnessing. 

When you sit on the beach of the ocean and see the waves crashing in and notice this whole gigantic body of water is moving you cannot help but be impressed by the power it represents.  Take note of what an earthquake, a hurricane, or a tsunami can do to the greatest structures built by man and you get a glimpse of the level of power in the Creator’s hand. 

An acorn falls from an Oak tree.  If it doesn’t get picked up and added to a fall decoration in someone’s house like mine, or get collected and eaten by a squirrel or pig (bet you didn’t know pigs liked acorns did you?), it stands a good chance of becoming another Oak tree.  All over the world in all manner of plants this cycle repeats.  In animals, the adults give birth to young that resemble them.  In other words, these plants and animals reproduce.  Life produces life. 

This cycle of reproduction gives us a view of God’s desire and design for the importance of life.  We see that the created are to continue on.  That life is a continuous stream pointing back to its original Creator. 

Does it Makes Sense to Believe in God?

    Is a belief in God logical? Yes!  God makes sense.  Well of course He does, but what does that statement mean?  It can be looked at from two ways.  One is from the perspective that it makes sense there is a God and makes sense to believe in Him.  The other is that what God says and does makes sense.  In other words, the existence of God makes sense and He makes sense in His existence.  This site is going to approach the matter from both angles.  The two really are completely complementary of each other.  

     This is not attempt to explain all about God.  Such an undertaking would be folly.  On the contrary, it is more an attempt to help each of us use the God given logic that we have to makes sense out of God.  We spend far too much time relating to God purely on emotion and feeling – poor barometers at best.  Relying on our feelings to understand and interpret God and his message opens us up to the danger of believing and following lies and delusions.  

     Feelings do not provide us roots.  Our minds and the logic that God has built into them are what give us stability.  Unfortunately it gets far too little exercise.  Like the muscles in our body when it does not get used it gets weak and lazy.  We then become susceptible to a variety of mental and spiritual maladies.